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We bring world class ballroom dance and instruction around the nation by hosting parties, socials, and performances. Our aim is to take the mystery out of ballroom dancing and make social dancing a regular weekend activity!
Who We Are
Meet the dancers of Ballroom Dance Productions
Laurel Rose
Ballroom Dance Diva
Laurel Rose has been dancing for over 20 years. As a competitive Pro-Am ballroom instructor, her students hold many titles including Top Student awards at ballroom dance competitions throughout the US. Laurel teaches all four styles of ballroom dance including Latin, Standard, Smooth and Rhythm as well as many social dances. Off the dance floor, you'd recognize Laurel by her signature 1950's look and poofy petticoats.
Sean Brunell
Mustache Connoisseur and MC Extraordinaire
As one of the top-ranked competitors in the American Smooth style, Sean Brunell is an in-demand instructor and coach throughout the nation. As the current World Pro-Am Standard Ballroom champion, Sean Brunell prides himself in training his competitive dancers at the highest possible level. Always ready to have a good time, Sean is also an expert in many different social dances and adapts his teaching style to suit the level and mood of his students.

What We Do
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Menu of Services
Everyone loves a party! We are a full service dance production company, so we provide professional sound and lighting, provide DJ services and even arrange light catering and beverages. Our specialty is getting everyone out on the dance floor. No one likes to feel left out, so we have an array of group dance activities designed to get even the most reluctant stragglers to join in. We provide on-the-floor instruction for those times when it's hard to remember a new dance and we are more than happy to dance with each and every party guest. There's never a dull moment when Ballroom Dance Productions hosts a social!
As professional ballroom dancers, we have many years experience performing on dance floors all over the world. We are experts at our craft and love to share what we do at a professional level. We can create a performance for any style of ballroom dance. Our most popular shows include the Argentine tango, the waltz and the cha cha.
Our goal is to bring back the art of partner dancing as a regular weekend activity, as common as going to the movies or out to dinner. Our group and private lessons make it easy and fun to learn how to dance. Our teaching style focuses on breaking down each dance to its basic fundamental elements to help our students learn as quickly and painlessly as possible. While dancing is the focus of our instruction, we also teach dance floor etiquette and the art of asking a stranger to dance.
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